Michel Biel
The Possibility of Change

French actor Michel Biel has both charisma and depth. A trip to India changed his life. And not just because he learned yoga there; he also witnessed the fatal consequences of environmental pollution for India’s people, particularly its children.

On social media, Michel calls on his many followers to engage in positive dialogue and join a widespread shift in mindset. Though he is a city person, Michel finds himself returning to nature for strength and inspiration.

“Life’s too short to ignore things that are of great social importance. Even if they’re small steps, they’re my small steps. And I want to do my part.”

An ambitious actor, Michel has already appeared in several major film productions, while the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris introduced him to a broad international audience. In New York and London, he learned his craft as an actor – along with the importance of discipline, both professionally and personally. But nature has been playing an ever-greater role in his life over the past few years.

It was a trip to India that opened Michel’s eyes – and his other senses too. The garbage disfiguring the landscape wasn’t just visible; the sheer magnitude of the waste battered his smell and taste. Instead of closing his eyes, Michel opened himself up to the experience. Ever since, he’s been deeply concerned with the issues of environmental pollution and sustainability.

Michel saw children playing in landfill sites, looking for things that might still be usable, even foraging for scraps of food. He wants people in Western countries to rethink the way they live and shop. He now values sustainable brands, emphasizing that we can all make a difference by changing our behavior as consumers.

“Spending precious time in nature automatically leads to a better, more conscious way of living. The earth sharpens our instinct, and this, in turn, can point us in a better direction.”

Though Michel is serious about these issues, he is also optimistic. “It’s the small steps that take us forward,” he stresses. And he believes we should begin by taking these steps in nature. Because once you’re outside, experiencing nature with all your senses, you can’t help but develop a new connection to yourself and your environment.

Bonding with nature is essential to Michel, helping him to both wind down and keep fit. After a tough week on set, he likes to grab his bike and ride up into the mountains before allowing gravity to draw him speeding back down into the valley. It’s obvious how much he enjoys burning off energy like this.

Sometimes, he likes to camp out with friends – even when the temperature has sunk below zero: “If you’ve got the right equipment, it’s possible. But it’s always a bit of an adventure!” And he likes pushing himself to his limits. His next project is a 15-day solo trip across the Alps with his mountain bike.

For Michel, it’s about more than just sport these days. He seeks peace and quiet in nature and relishes the serenity. He shares his insights and experiences on social media. Many of his fans are city teenagers who seldom visit the countryside. Michel wants to help them find their way into nature and appreciate its positive impact on us humans.

Michel Biel takes both his work as an actor and his social responsibility seriously. It’s possible to do both, as he demonstrates in his laid-back way. And it’s easy to believe this charming French man with Polish roots.