Anna Heupel
Photographer, Travel Blogger and Jack Wolfskin Brand Ambassador

Anna Heupel loves the magic of light. As a Jack Wolfskin brand ambassador, the photographer and travel blogger is an essential part of the Jack Wolfskin adventure.

She often photographs models, but the real star of her work is nature in all its facets. Anna has learned to observe the world with attentive eyes. She’s a nomad with a camera and doesn’t need much to be happy. She often spends weeks at a time in her van with her camera as her constant companion. Her photos are bathed in golden light and characterized by a sense of depth and expansiveness. The protagonists always appear in harmony with nature, thus infusing the pictures with peace and an almost meditative serenity. It’s no wonder there’s such high demand for her work. And it comes as no surprise when she says that she’s happiest when surrounded by nature.

Anna began her career with an apprenticeship in industrial management, hoping that this would provide job security. But her heart was elsewhere: outdoors. Even as a kid, she loved running through the fields with her father’s analog camera. Luckily, Anna eventually listened to her heart: she completed the traineeship, summoned up her courage, and, defying expectations, decided to become a photographer. 

“I prefer to take photographs outdoors. I feel free there, and I have enough space to move around the model. Plus, for me, there’s nothing better than the magic of natural light.”

The first step certainly wasn’t easy, but Anna’s courage paid off. Though it was tough at the start, her self-confidence and energy grew as she followed her path. Anna shares her story with her many followers to encourage them to listen to their hearts and follow their own true paths in life, even if this takes courage. 

“I have a deep respect for life and its transience. It’s so precious! That’s why it’s always worth taking the plunge for the things you are passionate about.”

Anna’s work has led her all over the world. But it was her partnership with Jack Wolfskin that gave rise to some of her most cherished moments. She has worked on various successful campaigns, including #GOBACKPACK.

Anna went with Jack Wolfskin on an expedition to the mystical Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania in present-day Romania. There, she joined other influencers to hike and photograph the “Wolftrail”. This long-distance trail offers an exclusive hiking adventure.

“The Wolftrail is tough, but it offers a beautiful, wild and authentic experience. And if you’re lucky, you’ll spot wild animals such as bears.”

This long-distance trail offers an exclusive hiking adventure through primeval forests in one of Europe’s largest nature reserves. As well as providing unforgettable encounters with nature, the Wolftrail aims to raise awareness of the threat posed by illegal logging in the region.

Another project with Jack Wolfskin brought Anna to Sweden and ended up changing her life. As part of the #GOBACKPACK campaign in 2019, Anna and her boyfriend, Timo, visited the country in a VW camper van.

They instantly fell in love with the place and dreamed of living in one of the little isolated houses they passed.

Their trip culminated in that summer’s Jack Wolfskin outdoor camp. When the camp ended, Anna instinctively canceled her flight back to Germany and traveled alone through the country. One day, she chanced upon a traditional little Swedish house by the sea. She and Timo immediately bought it, and they are currently renovating it, turning it into a beautifully creative project in the middle of the Swedish wilderness. She calls it her “little paradise.” “I’ll always be grateful to Jack Wolfskin for leading me to Sweden. It was love at first sight.”

The timing was perfect. Anna’s many years of traveling around the world had satisfied her appetite for new adventures. She had had many exciting experiences and created a unique portfolio of photographs, but her new house in Sweden helped ground her and got her “back to the roots”, as she says.

“I’m looking forward to the many adventures that lie ahead. But these adventures can happen on your doorstep as well as in foreign lands. I take them as they come.”

Anna has spent the pandemic in her hometown of Siegen, where she has been relaxing, planning new projects, exploring the nearby woods by bike or foot, and spending time with her family. In taking a creative and motivated approach to this slow period, she has been reminded that you don’t have to be on the other side of the planet to experience something special. Very often, the perfect little moments in life are available to us right where we are.

Anna Heupel’s easy-going and joyful nature is authentic and endearing, and her art has earned her international recognition and respect. We are optimistic about her future and look forward to embarking on many more projects and adventures with her. 

“Things have a habit of falling into place. You just have to listen to your heart and be brave enough to take the first step. But of course, that’s easier said than done.”